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Beef Liver Supplements 500mg (Grass-fed)

Beef Liver Supplements 500mg (Grass-fed)

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Product Details:

  • Pastured Raised in New Zealand
  • 100% Free from Hormones, Antibiotics and Additives
  • 180 capsules
  • 500mg each

Beef Liver Supplements Benefits:

  • Rich in nutrients: Packed with vitamins A, B12, and iron
  • Boosts immune function: The combination of vitamins and minerals, including B12, supports a robust immune system
  • Promotes healthy skin: Vitamin A in beef liver supports skin health
  • Enhances cognitive function: B12 in beef liver is crucial for neurological health, playing a role in cognitive function and potentially supporting memory and concentration
  • Supports metabolism: B vitamins in beef liver contribute to a healthy metabolism, assisting in the breakdown of nutrients for energy production
  • Convenient nutrient alternative: Beef liver supplements are convenient alternative to obtain the nutritional benefits of organ meats
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